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Set Small Goals for Big Results

how to lose weight healthy and fast


Hey Folks -

I've been on an unusual
workout program lately.

I started it a few months ago,
and basically,
I am the "guinea pig"
for my husband
a self proclaimed
"Personal Trainer"
who's into all these crazy ways to work out.

Don't worry - he usually makes it fun! :)

The current training is
based on walking
or in my case, hiking.

This is my husband's mantra:

"Jana, Just lace up your shoes,
get out there, and "see what happens""

He doesn't tell me
we are going to hike
7-8 miles

He just gives me a
"dinky goal"
of getting my shoes
on and getting out
the door

You know what?

It takes the pressure off

It makes it EASY
(yes, I said easy!)
to get my workout started

And then guess what?

I get out there

I enjoy the fresh air

And magically 7-8 miles
later I have done a
killer workout

And I feel GREAT!

This "dinky goal" idea
works well with exercise
and with eating right

You can do things the hard way-
expecting WAY TOO MUCH from yourself
and then you end up
– procrastinating
– over-thinking
– worrying about doing things perfectly

Or you can do it
the EASY way
and start
giving yourself
dinky little goals
just to get started.

Dinky goals rock!


No huge pressure.

No getting "psyched up."

And no strain whatsoever.

Just say, "my ONLY goal today is…."

to lace up my shoes and go outside for a walk
for at least 10-15 minutes


to drink a healthy smoothie
for breakfast instead of
eating a junky breakfast


to not eat any processed foods for today

You get the idea….

Make your goals SUPER easy.

What happens then?

Well, chances are you'll
see how easy it was to make a
small change and then
you'll do a little more…

then a little more…

until finally you've done WAY more
than you would have originally.

Kind of seems silly — but it really does work

So - pick a "dinky goal" and get started today

Jana  "slim and healthy thanks to dinky goals"

Need some help setting up your first dinky goal?

Start here:




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