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Reader Question | Emotional Eating Binge Obsession - What Can I Do? I Am Miserable

Reader Question:

I lost a lot of weight about two months ago from eating 450 calories a day and exersizing a lot. Now, I am in an emotional eating binge obsession and I'm feeling gross and out of control. I'm obsessed and miserable. Please help.

Jana's Answer:

Thanks so much for sending me your email.

First, I just want to say how proud I am of you for reaching out and asking for help.

That is your first step to getting free from emotional eating and binge eating.

When I was deep in binge eating I did not ask for help for years - I was just so embarrassed by my behavior and what I thought was a lack of control. When I finally did reach out for help it was the beginning of a big turnaround for me to get healthy and slim and break free from emotional binge eating. So again I want to say how proud I am of you! :)

Please hear me….

it is so do-able to break free from emotional eating and be able to be healthy and at a great healthy slim weight.

Starving yourself at 450 calories a day is not the way to do it…your body will just rebel and want food, food, food…because it has been starved…I know because I went through years of eating disorders where I starved and then binged and it was a crazy sad cycle…that never got me the results I wanted. It was just a crazy merry-go-round of destruction of my body and my self esteem..

Eating the way I do now has totally taken me off the starve/binge cycle and I am at a healthy very slim weight and I am never hungry!

I eat whenever I want to — whenever I am hungry — I just eat healthy delicious foods that satisfy.

Many foods that we turn to when we binge are very addictive so after we eat them our body just craves more and more of them….even when our stomachs are totally FULL! That sucks!

To break the addictions to those unhealthy foods it is good to give your body days and days of healthy fruits and vegetables that not only cleanse your body – those types of whole foods also NOURISH your body after all the junky stuff that we have previously put into our bodies.

A cleansing detox will totally get you off to a great start! You can start with my cheat sheet that you get free when you sign up for my newsletter.

But, if you are serious about detox you will want to get the book I use & recommend at http://rawdetoxweightloss.com

I would love to help you reach your goals and be healthy and happy!

You CAN be free of emotional eating….I am and I know you can be too….it feels so good.

All the best!

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