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Raw Food Weight Loss - My Grocery Cart for the Week

Hey Everyone -

I hope you are all having a super fantastic RAW day!

I am just sitting her sipping on a green smoothie that is actually the color purple! My yummy smoothie has blueberries, beets, pineapple, mandarin oranges and 2 huge handfuls of spinach and a couple teaspoons of chia seeds too.

A really neat gal, recently purchased our detox diets guide and cleansing recipes (we are having a great sale right now) and whenever anyone gets the detox diets guide I send a special gift – in this case she received a detailed mono meal cleanse guide and journal.

This lady is losing weight for a special occasion but also because she just wants to get healthy and feel good again.

Does this sound familiar? I know how that feels for sure…. I thought I would share my response to her when she asked what to get at the grocery store when starting a raw food cleanse – maybe it will help some of you too.

Dear Raw Food Newbie gal:

I don’t know your history with detox diets or fruit and vegetable cleansing…however…if you follow the mono-meal cleanse guide that I sent as a free gift…you WILL get weight loss and you will feel CLEANER than ever….that raw cleanse is the one I followed to lose 13 pounds in 14 days.

Keep in mind I did have some detox symptoms (headaches for a couple days)…because I totally changed my diet…but it was SO WORTH it for me to do a drastic change to my diet and flood my body with healthy foods.

I highly recommend you drink lots of green smoothies and eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits and avoid ALL fats (except those that are naturally occurring in fruits and veggies) and you will see results.

I have shared a lot of my personal journey here on my website and I think it helps people to see “real” folks not perfect folks (who is really perfect anyway? Nobody…)

Anything we do to improve our health gives us benefits and we can just keep adding more healthy things to our routine over time.

Doing a detox or a fruit and vegetable cleanse is not a “quick fix” – you also want to think long term about improving your health and enjoying how GREAT being healthy FEELS!!

Yes, we all want to lose weight fast – heck – it’s motivating when that happens.

But keep in mind that everything you are learning as you add more raw foods to your diet you will be able to implement the rest of your life.

I mean…how many times have you heard that you need to eat more fruits and veggies…you can’t go wrong doing that….and your body will thank you by slimming down and functioning at such a higher level with more energy and vitality than you thought possible.

Okay….you asked what to buy at the grocery store when you are going on a raw food cleanse like the one I recommend.

Please Note:

-I buy in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club whenever possible.

-I also recommend buying produce locally at farmer’s markets if you have them available to you.

- I also prefer organic - but because of the cost I only buy organic when I can afford to – the organic produce from Sam’s or Costco is really reasonably priced.

-And remember I am not buying MEAT and DAIRY or any Processed Foods which are expensive so my cost of food is not much different than usual and many times it is MUCH LESS than the standard American diet.

My Grocery Cart last week:

  • Organic blueberries (3 lb bag) (from the frozen food section of Costco)
  • Kale – 4 big bunches (to make green smoothies)
  • Organic Spinach leaves 2 lbs (from Sam’s Club)
  • 6 heads of Romaine (from Costco or Sam’s Club)
  • 3 lbs celery (Sams or Costco)
  • 2 pineapples (from Sam’s or Costco)
  • 1 case of 8 mangoes (from Costco)
  • 3 lbs of bananas (from Costco)
  • 2 lbs of yummy cherry tomatoes - tomato cherubs (from Costco)
  • Organic raspberries (from Sam’s club)
  • Chia Seeds (I add it to smoothies and other dishes – great source of protein and other nutrients)
  • 5 lb Bag of Organic Apples from Costco or Sam’s
  • 5 avocadoes (from Sam’s or Costco)
  • A couple cucumbers
  • 5 lbs mandarin oranges (costco)
  • 6-8 zucchinis to make raw spaghetti  (YUM!)

Then throughout this week I have been making lots of green smoothies and salads and monomeals of apples, mandarin oranges, bananas, cucumbers, etc.

The amount of food listed above will last me for about a week or week and a ½.  It just depends.

It is always better to have lots of options when you are eating raw – that way if you get a craving you can just choose a healthy alternative.

If you want to eat – just eat more raw food….stay away from cooked food…it will suck you back into the cravings….at least for now.

Don’t let yourself get TOO HUNGRY – be sure to always have a plan…take a banana with you or an apple or a green smoothie (in a thermos) if you are going to be away from home and might get tempted.

Lara Bars also come in handy to stash in your purse in case you get a craving- my favorite are the cashew cookie bars - totally raw and totally healthy.

Also…get the junky foods out of your sight…and out of your house if possible…because the temptation will come….and if the junky food is not there you can’t eat it!

After you eat raw food for a while – you will figure out how best for you to shop.

Just be sure to get fruits and veggies that you LIKE so that you will actually enjoy your food.

Yes, you will experiment more with raw food recipes over time (which is a blast – there are so many scrumptious dishes you can make) – but for your first raw food cleanse – keep it simple.

All the best,


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