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Fruit and Vegetable Diet - Starting the New Year Off with a Bang!

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year!!! :)

I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Christmas and New Year Holiday!

I have been so busy with friends and family and even a bit of sleeping in (it felt so good under those warm covers!) that I have not posted in a while.

I just wanted to touch base with you and wish you all the very best year ever!

I know many of you may be focused on weight loss in the New Year - so you might want to take a look at my new Smoothie Weight Loss Guide. It is a little 35 page guide I put together that shows you how easy it is to lose weight while drinking delicious nutritious smoothies. You can learn more about it at http://SmoothieWeightLossGuide.com

Here I am talking about weight loss….but I am not the only one…..it seems like you can't look at a magazine cover right now without seeing the latest diet splashed across the cover.

So what is new with me?

1) I still love pomegranates! I eat them often. They are so good for you…if you have never had pomegranate before give them a try. The little juicy pods pop in your mouth and fill your mouth with delicious tangy juice.

I also would not mind some delicious watermelon or my favorite type of mangoes right now…I cannot wait until they are back in season…I love to eat bowls of cut up mangoes and strawberries…or mangoes and raspberries….or mangoes and pineapple……alright enough about my favorite fruits….

2) I put my scale in storage.

It kind of seems weird for me to tell you that since many of you are interested in weight loss and improving your health.

I put my scale away for a while (maybe forever).

I just got tired of measuring my weight each day and allowing it to affect my life and mind.  It has been a few weeks since I did my daily weighing and I have to tell you it has been quite freeing.

I continue to eat a mostly fresh fruit and vegetable diet and I do enjoy a few splurges of cooked food now and then - but with all the focus on the weight and losing pounds at this time of year  - I just did not  want to think about what my body weighs for a while.

I really just want to be healthy and have lots of energy and see just what my body will respond to - as far as the food I give and the exercise I enjoy. I will let you know how it goes over time.

3) I have been enjoying some full body workouts - you know the kind that when you get done you feel like you have worked out your entire body even your toes! :)

I am doing pilates, stretching, cardio, and small weights in a combination that is just amazing.

Two of my favorite workout videos right now are http://tinyurl.com/a6fost and http://tinyurl.com/8df3lk

My body is stronger than ever throughout…rather than the way it was in the past where I had strong parts but not a strong whole.

Now I am getting "fully" fit and it feels so great!

Allright…enough of my chatting with you…I got to get back to work :)

If you are just getting started getting healthy….remember…..start small…like just begin with making your breakfast healthy…. You can drink a green smoothie. Or really simple…you can eat a fruit salad.  Start your day on track and then go from there. Don't overwhelm yourself. Just make small steps each day to improve your health and your life. I am cheering you on!

I am thinking of each one of you and wishing the happiest and healthiest year ever.



P.S.  Remember to check out the Healthy Smoothies Guide and let me know what you think of it.

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