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Raw Food Diet Weight Loss | Baby Steps Lead To Big Positive Health Changes

mango av.jpgA wonderfully wise friend reminded me yesterday that we humans do much better with change if we do things in increments that we can get excited about and that we know we can accomplish.

Making changes in baby steps has been proven to give much more success for the majority of people than radical changes have.

I am usually pretty hard on myself and I have given myself many "all or nothing" ultimatums to make changes with my health in the past. Can anyone relate? :)

What happened when I did the all or nothing stuff?

Most often I failed to do the perfection I demanded from myself and then I would sink into despair.

My goodness…..what kind of way is that to treat ME? Demanding! Expecting impossible perfection!

I would never do that to anyone I cared about! So what did that tell me about how I needed to care for myself………yikes!

When I first started eating more raw foods over 2 years ago….I did it in steps.

I always started my day with lots of wonderful fruits or fresh fruit & vegetable juices or green smoothies. I would do that all the way until my evening meal and then I would eat a very simple cooked meal of mainly healthy natural food (mostly veggies and brown rice but also some wild Alaskan salmon).

I later progressed to weaning myself from cooked foods and now I rarely have a cooked food meal.

I want to be clear…..it is not necessary to go totally 100% raw to see incredible health benefits. Even when I was 50 - 70 % raw my energy increased tremendously and weight came off easily.

The reason I have chosen to go more raw over time is because I feel so much better physically when I do. It is a personal choice and everyone needs to take their own journey to find to what degree they want to add raw fruits and vegetables to their diet and then see how their health changes over time.

What I am trying to say is going 100% raw was not my goal at the outset and that made it easier to transition to a healthier way of eating.

My goal was to increase my energy, feel better physically, lose some nagging extra pounds, and stop eating chemically laden processed foods and dairy (because I just felt sicker eating them and I know too much about the harm that comes from those foods to be truly excited about eating them).

All I can say is incremental steps on a continual gradient of improvement is the way that most people find success with a more healthy lifestyle.


Be excited about each small step and change you make and that excitement and pride will lead you to the next step you will take.

Celebrate each win — don't wait for someone else's idea of a monumental "celebrate-worthy" moment.

Be pleased with the RIGHT CHOICE  you made 5 minutes ago that led you to this moment.

If you keep remembering all your little wins then the small missteps you make you will seem small in comparison.


I always get reminded that major league baseball players make a ton of money with a .300 batting average (this is considered a "good batter") - that means he hits the ball 30% of the time — and 70% of the time he misses! So he fails 70% of the time when he is "at bat." And he is still quite successful! But how successful would he be if he never even took a swing…..not so much….

I think we beat ourselves up too much and we don't celebrate enough of our incremental wins - and dear readers - incremental wins add up to a healthier happier more abundant life….so start racking 'em up!

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