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Raw Food Diet Weight Loss | Progress Not Perfection with the Raw Food Diet

When you begin to eat more healthy food, if you are like most people, you will probably "fall off the wagon" 

What you really want to see this as is a journey toward better health and well-being. 

It does not matter how you get there - you may walk the journey and look at all the scenery, some may ride a bus, or take an airplane and get there faster.

All that really matters is that you make this journey your own and that you arrive at a healthier destination right?

I just wanted to share what has helped me….

You want to focus on "Progress NOT PerfectionAnd any forward progress is GREAT!

Keep moving forward and if you are like me — watch how you speak to yourself when you have what might be considered a "slip up"

Your self talk is huge in helping you move forward

Off moments or days or nights happen….so what should you do?

Brush yourself off and begin again.

And most importantly…..Don’t condemn yourself – don’t berate yourself.

For me, in the past, my negative self talk after I have had a period of eating less healthy food or a binge has gotten me into more trouble and has been known to send me into a full out week long food frenzy……

I have been very surprised at the awful things I would say to myself about when I was not "perfect" with food. (Being "perfect" with food is not really the way I want to live anyway)

And when I realized that I was chastising the little kid in me that sometimes goes crazy with food and that the chastising never helped me get healthy…I knew I had to stop the negative self talk.

I know for me that I don’t grow and flourish when I get yelled at from others or from myself - so why would I think saying negative things to myself would help?

Now I watch what I say to myself and I hope you will too – especially when you have a slip up. That is when you need to be super-kind to yourself so you can get back on track.

If you have a slip up….

Imagine yourself as the little child you used to be and talk to that child. Ask that child (with tenderness and kindness) about what happened.

When you are curious about your behavior in a kind way you can take better care of yourself the next time you feel like you want to eat the refrigerator or have too much food or eat something you feel is unhealthy for you at this time in your life.

I have journaled many times the conversations I have had as I learned to be more gentle with myself and more curious about what I was thinking that led me to act out the behavior that may harm me with food.

Those journals are priceless because I unearthed what my inner child was trying to achieve by turning to food as the answer to whatever problem I was challenged with. The more kind I was the more I was able to learn that I had needs that wanted to be met and they were not met with unhealthy food.

Now maybe none of y'all have ever dealt with overeating or bingeing on unhealthy foods - but for me it was something I struggled with since birth! In fact, my birth announcement announced me as "Fat Jana " — pretty weird that the word FAT would be attached to me about my entrance into the world….and that word became part of my identity for many years…..

It shows me that there is truly power in what we say and what we write to ourselves and to each other.

So I choose to be kind to myself and I hope you are kind to yourself too as you work out what is best for you on a new healthy path.


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