Raw Food Diet Weight Loss - It works!! and you lose weight FAST!

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss | What Percent Raw Is Right For You?

mango av.jpgTo dive headlong into raw like I did on my 14 day cleanse may sound like far too much for you when you first start out. 

It is a great way to cleanse, detox, get rid of cravings, and lose weight fast and it is only 14 days! :)

But if you are looking at eating a raw food diet long term - which is how I live…

You may be wondering "do I have to be 100% raw to lose the weight and to get all the health benefits of raw?"

The answer is no.

The main message here is that you want to EAT MORE raw natural whole food than you have been eating - you can begin with making 50% of your diet raw, or 70% raw or more.

As long as you are eating more foods in their natural whole uncooked state you will improve your health from what it was before. And yes, weight will come off if you are overweight. However, the smaller the percentage of raw food that you eat, the slower the weight will come off.

I read a really neat story of a formerly morbid obese woman (she weighed almost 300 pounds at her highest) who changed her diet to 70% raw and stayed at that level for about a year. During that year she lost 105 pounds. So yes you can lose weight at less than 100% raw.

Going 100% raw after a lifetime of cooked foods can be overwhelming for most people - so please don't feel you need to go "all raw" tomorrow.

Going even 70% raw has many health benefits like:

-easy weight loss

-feeling more energetic

-improved skin tone

-eating tasty delicious food in satisfying quantities

-more clarity mentally and more centered emotionally

Adding more raw fruit and vegetables to my diet and determining the extent to which I want to eat raw at this particular time in my life is a very personal path.

What I do may not work best for you and you have to come to your own determination what makes you thrive.  This is your personal journey - embrace it and experiment with what will work best for you and your body.  Have fun!

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