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Raw Food Diet Weight Loss | Eating a Raw Food Diet during Social Events or Holidays

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This is what I do on Thanksgiving or at other Social Events if I feel like I am going to miss out on some cooked food.

My sister makes awesome sweet potato pie — and in the past I have CHOSEN to have a reasonable portion of it. When I am in control I take my time with it - I treat it like the special treat that it is - I actually TASTE it and move it around in my mouth and EXPERIENCE it. Keep in mind everyone around me is shoveling food in like crazy!

I don't know anyone who got fat from eating a reasonable portion of food, for me I struggled with weight because once I started I did not want to stop - and food becomes something other than a way to nourish my body - for me bingeing or overeating became a task to be completed and many times the task never did get finished sadly….(meaning that once I started I just wanted to continue eating)

Now I can also tell you that after eating raw for many months that when I have this "special" cooked food - I don't feel very well afterwards. My body notices what I have given it and rebels — sometimes insistently.

I will also share that when I evaluate what is really in the ingredients of the sweet potato dish I think I can live without - some of it is repulsive and really doesn't help me thrive. In the case of the sweet potato pie there is a ton of dairy that clogs me up, makes it hard for me to breathe, fills me with mucus and the brown sugar gives me an artificial high and then sends me to the pits - makes me lethargic - not good!

For me…..when I have try to do the portion control eating of the cooked foods I have not always had a happy ending.

Many times I have eaten more than I had portioned out because once I start tasting those old familiar foods my old addictions to cooked / high fat / high calorie / high in refined sugar / high "whatever" foods comes back to haunt me and then I just want more and more.

High fat, high sugar, or processed foods NEVER really satisfy me….after eating junkier food my body is still asking me to kindly give it something that would nourish it and now it has to process all that junk I just took in - usually this affects me emotionally in a negative way and the cycle of emotional overeating wants to begin again.

What I prefer to do

- I make sure I do not arrive hungry in any way shape or form. I make sure that I eat something healthy before I go to the event.

- I bring several RAW gourmet dishes - something I usually would not have daily that I love that tastes great that I can enjoy while others are chowing down on their SAD (Standard American Diet)  treats. That way I don't feel deprived.

I usually make sure I have several raw items so that I am not "stuck" with just one thing if I get there and start seeing lots of temptation. There are many gourmet raw meals or raw meals that have a bit more fat or calories than usual that are great for once in a while but definitely not a daily thing.

You may be much more disciplined than me and you can carefully portion out just one or two high fat / high calorie cooked foods and if so….make sure you sit down, breathe in the aroma of that treat and take the time to actually enjoy what you are eating. Don't just shovel it down (like I have done in the past) then you won't enjoy it at all and you will want more.

When you think about it we humans are such social creatures and the reason we get together for meals or social events is the "togetherness" that we can experience.

But for some reason - with me, the little emotional overeater, I formerly made food the focus (not intentionally of course - but it happened).

Concentrating on family or friends instead of food is now more my goal when I am in a situation like that.

I absolutely delight in "people watching" anyway - because we are such interesting creatures - the way we interact - the way you see emotion and feeling on people's faces, the stories we tell, hearing the older folks share "how it used to be", seeing young ones discover new things or share their insights, etc.

When I am less focused on what I am going to stuff my face with (i.e. when food is not the main event) - two things happen — I am not medicated by overeating (sluggish, uncomfortably full, even ill at times) and because I am more clear headed I can focus on what my soul really wants and that is real intimate connection with others - I am then more able to enjoy the ebb and flow of the group gathering even if it means I am just peacefully observing and enjoying.

Oh yeah…. and when I choose to eat "raw healthy" even while others are pigging out — I feel proud of myself inside for doing something that does not come easy but nurtures me long term - body, mind and soul.

I hope this is helpful for you. If you have any comments or questions please do so below or through the contact button above.



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