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Raw Food Weight Loss Cleanse - Day 8

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Allright….today is day 8.

I have completed 7 days of my "Raw Food Diet Detox Weight Loss Cleanse Healthy Food"Plan…. Yea Me!

I weighed myself this morning and I have lost a total of (drum roll please)……10 pounds in 7 days.

I am certain my body is just releasing a lot of yucky stuff it was hanging on to.

Whenever you change your diet and lose weight in a radical way there is often water weight lost.

Water..that I was probably retaining due to sodium in the processed foods I had been eating before this cleanse.

When I have done raw food cleanses before I have had wonderfully similar results (very easy and fast weight loss) and since I have some weight to lose I am happy to see it go.

Let me just say that the longer I am on this cleanse it just gets easier and easier.


The first few days were kinda tough…

I was missing cooked food quite a bit and because this is a pretty strict cleanse (just raw fruits and raw vegetables) I have missed some fats that I usually enjoy on a regular day to day raw food diet - such as nuts, seeds and avocadoes.

My goal at the beginning of this cleanse was to not have any fats at all in my diet.

However twice I have had some raw fats anyway…I just have to be human on this cleanse (is that okay?)

I can't go for the whole "I have to perfect" thing or I will feel that the cleanse is to rigid and want to chuck it entirely.

And believe me eating raw living foods as a lifestyle is something I want to have as part of my life ALWAYS! The benefits are just to good to pass up.

The two times I had some fat I enjoyed it thoroughly! :)

Once I had 30 raw cashews one evening and yesterday I at two avocadoes - that was my dinner - just two lovely tasty avocadoes and they were divine.

And I still lost weight yesterday…so chucking perfection out the window still gave me results.

The thing about the raw food lifestyle is that you want to aim for progress…not perfection.

If you have been eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) for most of your life you are going to have some ingrained tendencies toward processed, high fat, high calorie foods and switching to a raw food diet can seem like night and day for you.

I have to tell you that once you give it a try you will find that a raw food diet becomes such a simple way to:

-eat and nourish yourself with the best of living foods

-lose weight,  maintain it and even gain weight if you need to

-have a healthy energetic youthful body.

 Raw Food Rocks! :)

Hey I heard this recently from Roger Haeske (an inspiring raw foodist) and it really inspired me:

"Don't be afraid to eat lots of fruit. They are a great source of fuel. I don't know anyone who got fat from just eating fruit. I have never seen an obese 100% raw foodist. Just be careful not to eat too much raw fat."


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