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Raw Food Weight Loss Cleanse - Day 5 & 6

watermelon sm.jpg

Yep — I am still doing this raw food weight loss diet cleanse and detox!

It is day 6 and I am sticking with the program….for the most part. (except for last night)

So let me back up and share a brief bit about Day 5….

I ate mono-meals (one fruit or vegetable only per meal) all day until evening.

I snacked on watermelon (my favorite fruit right now) and I also ate a couple ears of sweet corn

Then it was about 6:30 PM and I had a craving for something more and I eventually gave in and had 30 raw cashews.

So I ate some FAT and protein - but at least it was RAW FOOD

and at least I did not eat the junky processed food that also was calling my name from my roommate's cupboard! :)

My goal on this raw food cleanse was to stick with raw fruits and veggies and NO FATS for 14 days but I am not perfect.

And I am going to be kind to myself (very important) during this cleansing detox.

And when you decide to do a raw food weight loss cleanse you need to be kind to yourself too — work on progress not perfection.

So now we are into Day 6.

I have been enjoying more lucscious watermelon and some very awesome bananas and drinking lots of cool pure water - I feel great!

I am experiencing some detox symptoms which I will share in my next post.

This raw vegan salad looks so good to me right now…..I can't wait to enjoy one on my next trip to a raw vegan restaurant.

the trip will have to be AFTER I finish this current raw food (fruit and vegetable / no fat) cleanse

Raw Vegan Meal.jpg


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