Raw Food Diet Weight Loss - It works!! and you lose weight FAST!

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss


Raw Food Diet Weight Loss - what is it?

I can only share my personal experience. And I do on the pages of this site.

I wanted fast natural weight loss.

I wanted to get the weight off fast and naturally without starving.

The daily diet I follow helped me to have a fast natural way to lose weight.

It also helped me stop binge eating.

My journey before I began eating the way I do now was one where FOOD was the primary player in my life and I arranged my life around it.

Me in 7th grade - smiling on the outside and very sad on the inside

Me in 7th grade - smiling on the outside and very sad on the inside

I had a history of being obese as a child. The abuse and humiliation of that period of my life was excruciating.

I lost a lot of weight (over 70 pounds) in my teens and then spiraled into anorexia and lost even more weight.

I could only handle that for so long before I became a binge eater (because I was starving!).

Food made me happy - food made me sad - food caused me to isolate - food became my enemy - and food took over my life.

I did a lot of soul searching and researching and experimenting because I wanted food to be in its proper place.

I wanted to be able to enjoy food without it controlling me!

I wanted to be at a healthy weight and not always be either bingeing or on a diet.

I found my healing from binge eating and overweight through a eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

I eat lots of other foods too but fruits and vegetables are the foundation of my diet along with whole grains, nuts and seeds.

studied a LOT about whole natural foods and learned that I could eat all that I want of  very delicious food and lose weight! These tips have helped me make permanent healthy changes so the weight stays off and I continue to feel wonderful! And look great too!

It has been the key to fighting my cravings and my destructive food tendencies.

There is a life beyond cravings, emotional eating, binge trigger foods, and waking up feeling bad from eating too much the night before.

There is a life where you are in control of what you eat and where you feel great about yourself and your body.

I SO WANT you to experience how good it feels to be a healthy weight and to have food be in its proper place in your life.

I believe you can be very healthy and slim and comfortable in your own skin.

I love to slip easily into my favorite clothes and have them fit comfortably and look beautiful on my body.

It is possible and it feels wonderful. :)

Some of the Healthy Eating Weight Loss Benefits that I love:

-  I never have to count calories, worry about fat grams or carbohydrates

- I can do moderate fun exercise (20-30 minutes of walking per day when I first began) and I still see results

- My skin improved and became more clear and healthy and supple (although initially during detox I did experience a detoxification process that showed up in my skin as my body released toxins)

- I get to enjoy large quantities of delicious satisfying foods that at the same time make me more alive and more energetic and full of vitality

- My life improved in countless ways as food was no longer controlling me and I was able to have food be my nourishment rather than the scene-stealer of many parts of my life

- I was able to stop binge eating and I am rarely tempted to eat the foods that formerly felt like they were controlling me.

- I lowered my cholesterol, lowered my blood pressure, and watched the weight melt off my body.

- I have more energy than I did when I was a teenager and I feel so good about myself mentally and physically.

Eating the way I do has changed my life in so many positive ways!!

I so want you to experience the freedom of living life without being chained to food issues.  It is possible!

You can lose weight pretty quickly depending on how quick of a pace you want to go.

If you want to transition more slowly and lose weight at a slower pace - that is fine too.

There are some simple tasty eating plans that make making the changes feel effortless.

I am really glad you stopped by my site.

I wish you the best of health and pure joy!



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